February 11-13, 2022

Recital Tour

Henderson State University

University of Central Arkansas

March 12, 2022

College Music Society Central Regional Conference

Selections from Voices of Our Land: The Music of Gwyneth Walker

Omaha, NE

March 21, 2022

Kansas State University

Premiere of Emily! and No Ordinary Woman! by Gwyneth Walker

June 2022

ClarientFest, Reno NV

No Ordinary Woman!

August 2022

International Congress of Voice Teachers, Vienna

A Child in the Hole


A little about me...


Singing and teaching singing are my passion.  Growing up, I raided my parents record collection and was exposed to a variety of genres that include opera, musicals, symphonies, dixieland, jazz and and much more! As my musical tastes developed, I found joy in a wide range of musical styles.  Although my training is rooted in classical technique, I have enjoyed singing and teaching different styles,

My musical training began in 4th grade with cello lessons.  I really wanted to play the horn, but when I was unable to produce a tone, the cello was suggested and I loved it.  I still play on occasion and that "instrumental" side informs much of my teaching, performing and conducting.  Singing became my passion in 9th grade, and after I attended choral camp at Truman State University (then, Northeast Missouri State University) I was hooked!